Values - Melitron


At Melitron, we live by our values.


At Melitron, we live by our values.

Our values serve as the foundation for the continuous improvement, growth and success of our people and our Company.


We strive to be the best in all that we do. We champion top quality, optimal performance, exceptional service and continuous improvement to help our customers succeed. We go above and beyond. Their success is our success.


We find ways to do things better. We seek out smart approaches to meeting the needs of our customers. The outcome of our efforts are products that are refined, durable, fast, efficient, reliable, safe and secure.


We share ideas openly with others. We work collaboratively with fellow employees, partners and clients. We participate to our full potential positively and constructively, and welcome the participation of others.


We rely on each other to be successful. We understand that by being reliable in what we say and what we do, we are contributing to our own personal success, as well as the success of our team, and the company as a whole.


We are open to new ideas and change. We are committed to innovation, customer service and continuous improvement, which requires us to be ready to effectively respond to new opportunities as they arise.

Five Melitron employees with safety glasses pose in front of a circuit board in Melitron's manufacturing facility.
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